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Administrator Jennifer Riley Collins 601.968.6501
Board Attorney Tony Gaylor 601.968.6797
Budget and Finance Lure Berry 601.968.6765
Central Repair Ray Ingram 601.857.5542
Circuit Drug Cour Jeffrey S. Vernon 601.714.6200
EMS Coordinator Kyle Greer 601.968.0900
EOC Ricky Moore 601.960.1476
Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center Gregory Harrington 601.985.3000
Human Capital Development and Grants LaVonne McGee 601.973.5550
Information Technology Beverly Hughes 601.968.6562
Inventory James Ingram 601.373.2383
Justice Court Patricia T. Woods 601.965.8800
Mail Center and Printing Services Tabetha Ward 601.968.6560
Maintenance Robert Bell 601.968.6559
Justice Court Drug Court Gail Brown 601.355.7101
Operations Division James Ingram 601.373.2383
Permit & Zoning Penny Walters, Interim Director 601.355.5425
Personnel Bridget Smith 601.968.6581
Planning   601.973.5550
Public Works/Road Management   601.857.8732
Purchasing Arthur Matlock 601.968.6534
Safety Officer   601.857.4963
Solid Waste   601.857.8732
Soil & Water District Wyvette Robinson 601.718.2885
Veterans' Service Mamie Pickett Brown 601.968.5408

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