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Lucille Love

Interim Director
1296 Springridge Road
Clinton, MS 39056
Phone:  601.922.9828
Fax:  601.922.4160

Office hours:
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday
(Except on legal holiday)



Assistant Director of Maintenance 

Map to our Office

Willowood Community Center Policy & Guidelines for Usage (Application)

Please submit the reservation form for the Willowood Community Center to the County Administrator's office. The form can be emailed to

The payment to reserve the building should be made payable to Hinds County Board of Supervisors.

The only acceptable payment methods are money order or cashier's check.

Welcome to the Hinds County Maintenance Division home page. The Hinds County Maintenance Division is comprised of 27 highly skilled and motivated individuals. The maintenance division maintains 76 buildings, 6 parks, 3 parking areas. We also have the two detention facilities.

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Building Summary
Description Qty. Cost
Buildings (offices)   $53,711,717.00
Stuctures (sheds/fences) 38 $17,277,333.00
Parking Lots 3 $1,033,207.00
Total   $72,022,257.00
Fire Departments
Description Qty. Cost
Buildings 6 $551,662.00
Structures 2 $6,936.00
Total 8 $558,598.00

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Description Qty. Cost
Structures   $1,068,144.00
Total Park Acres 1,027.27 $2.679,760.00
Total worth as provided by the Tax Assessor   $76,328,759.00

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16 Section Property

Acres Location Annual Rent
26.07 Davis Road $250.00
8.00 District 2 $1650.00
3.90 District 1 $1600.00
24.00 Terry Park $1080.00
5.70 Curtis Road $1140.00
12.50 Mid Point Park $937.50
Subleases:  2.45 Acres Terry Park subleased to Little Childrens Village.

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