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James Reid, District 1 Toni Johnson, District 2
Zakiya Summers, District 3 Yvonne R. Horton, District 4
Connie Little, District 5

2018 - 2nd Quarter Meeting Schedule


Welcome to the Hinds County Election Commission. We are responsible for the elections operations in Hinds County. There are currently 120 voting precincts in Hinds County with over 123,000 registered voters. We hope this site will be helpful and informative to all.

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Election Of County Commissioners

At the general election of 1984 and every four (4) years thereafter, there shall be elected five (5) commissioners of election for each county whose terms of office shall commence on the first Monday of January following their election and who shall serve for a term of four (4) years. Each of the commissioners, before acting, shall take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the Constitution and file the same in the office of the clerk of the chancery court, there to remain. While engaged in their duties, the commissioners shall be the conservators of the peace in the county, with all the duties and powers of such.

The county board of election commissioners shall consist of one (1) person from each supervisors district of the county and each commissioner shall be elected from the supervisors district in which he resides.

No county election commissioner shall serve or be considered as elected unless and until he has received a majority of the votes cast for the position or post for which he is a candidate. If such majority vote is not received in the first election, then the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes for each position or post shall be placed up the ballot for the second election to be held two (2) weeks later in accordance with appropriate procedures followed in other elections involving run-off candidates.

Upon taking office, the county board of election commissioners shall organize by electing a chairman and a secretary.

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Duties Of The Election Commission

  • Election Commissioners shall be charged with the duty of conducting, including all facets of associated activities associated with general and special elections for the county. Election Commissioners are responsible for keeping the poll books of the county. They also keep the registration books which contain the names of all voters in the county. They are responsible for revising them periodically and keeping them up to date.
  • With redistricting, Commissioners assign voters to the appropriate district and precinct and revise poll books to conform to changes in boundaries.
  • Election Commissioners are required by state statute to attend certification training each year, held by the Secretary of State, to be eligible to conduct elections held in the county.
  • Election Commissioners shall hire all poll workers for an election. They shall be responsible for training all poll workers of their specific duties to be conducted on election day.
  • Election Commissioners shall be among the members of a special tribunal formed to hear election challenges, the special judge is the controlling judge of both the facts of the case and the law. The Election Commissioners sit as the jury in the case and as advisors to the judge.

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Mississippi Elections

In Mississippi, every year is an election year. In years when no federal elections are held, Mississippi voters go to the polls to elect state, county, or city officials. Elections for all state offices and most county-level offices are held in years preceding Presidential Elections. Each county shall be divided into supervisors districts which shall be the same as those of the Election Commissioners and may be divided into voting precinct and there shall be only one (1) voting place in each voting precinct.


  • Primary Elections are held for the purpose of determining party nominees and are conducted by the different parties' executive committees.
  • General Elections are held for the purpose of determining public officials. General Elections are a function of government rather than political parties and are conducted by the County Election Commission.
  • Special Elections are held at a time and place set by a County Board of Supervisors or the Governor in the event of a vacancy in a statewide or district office. The governor issues a proclamation calling for a special Election when such a vacancy occurs.
  • Primaries, General and Special Elections are held in much the same way, with the Primaries governed by the General Election Laws of the State. Political Party Executive Committees have the same responsibilities in conducting Primary Elections that the Election Commissioners have in conducting General and Special Elections. Primary Election Officials have the same powers and duties as General and Special Election Officials.

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