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District 1 Supervisor
Robert Graham
District 2 Supervisor
Darrel McQuirter
District 3 Supervisor
Peggy Hobson Calhoun
District 4 Supervisor
Tony Greer
District 5 Supervisor
Kenneth I. Stokes
County Administrator
Carmen Y. Davis


Dear Friends of Hinds County,

At Hinds County we believe knowledge is most powerful when it is shared. As part of our ongoing effort to bring Hinds County’s growing collection of information and resources to a worldwide audience and an ever-evolving community, we are proud to introduce the new and improved hindscountyms.com. 

Our new website has been reorganized using feedback from the people who use it most - making it easier for you to access valuable online resources and find the information you’re looking for about our work and services in Hinds County.

Highlights of our Revised Website:

  • Video Links: Click on the Hinds County Webstream Video icon to view our Board of Supervisors’ meetings live and other videos of interest.
  • Voter Information: In this expanded section of our website, you will find information on where you should vote, county elected officials, state elected officials, municipal/town elected officials, number of voters in your precinct, voter number and status of the voter address, and a map of your voting location.
  • Our History: Listen to how the “Mother of All Counties” was formed and gave birth to surrounding jurisdictions. 

I invite you to discover or, for some of you, rediscover Hinds County’s many online resources as you enjoy the new website.