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“Getting you answers, Getting it done”


The Honorable Bobby “Bobcat” McGowan service to the citizens of Hinds Country began over 30 years ago when he accepted a position with the Hinds County Public Works Department road crew. While employed with the county, Mr. McGowan was known for his strong work ethic, God-given intelligence and commitment to people. He was given years of progressively increasing responsibility and eventually named road crew supervisor. In his role, he interacted with the Board on many occasions; providing expertise on solutions to improve the County’s roads and bridges. It was these meetings that sparked his interest in politics. He felt that with his practical experience and business acumen his insight would be valuable in helping to leveraging the County’s resources to create a better quality of life for the residents of Hinds County.

A newcomer to politics, Bobby “Bobcat” McGowan is a homegrown leader and business owner who has resided and worked in Hinds Country his entire life. He has been married to Rosie McGowan, a life-long Hinds County resident and Jackson State University alumna, for 35 years. The couple have three lovely children: Ashley, a Higher Education Risk Management Analyst, who possess an B.S in Political Science from Southern University and A&M College, and a Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law Center; Bobby Jr. works as the Strengthening and Conditioning Coach at St. Aloysius High School in Vicksburg MS; and Latonya, a third grade educator with JPS, who has B.S in Child Development from Southern University and A&M College.


  1. Economic Development
    1. Continental tire information
    2. Personnel raises for County staff persons
  2. Roads, Bridges, and Infrastructure Improvements
  3. Community Outreach

Porter and Peabody Street Asphalt Repair

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August 30, 2018

To My Fine Citizens of Hinds County District 5:

Good Day! It is your Hinds County District 5 Supervisor Bobby McGowan here with a Citizen’s Corner Update.

When I asked you all for your vote, I told you all I would get answers and get things done when if I was elected into office. I wanted to share with you all a few highlights of what my tenure as your supervisor has been filled with:

  • Road Repair: One of the trailblazers in orchestrating an approximately $40 million dollar Bond to pave roads throughout the county.  During my campaign one of the major concerns I heard was the need for road improvement. Once elected, I spearheaded the pavement of roads. During my tenure, more roads have been repaved than any in the history of Hinds County.
  • Instituting a Literacy Program for children to succeed in school: As supervisor, I was the driving force behind the creation of the Hinds County Board of Supervisors Back Pack give away drive. I was able to get approval for the Board to support educational programs to provide all students with opportunity at school supplies for a successful school year. I made a point to invest in our kids because they are our future.
  • Supervisor Turkey and Ham Giveaway: As supervisor I have sponsored homeless feedings, and ham and turkey drives for senior citizens and employees during the holidays. Recognizing the growing concern of hunger, I took it upon myself to at certain times of the year make sure families had something hot to put in their belly.
  • Staff Salary Increases: While in office, I have been instrumental in increasing salaries of Hinds County Employees.

Citizens, these are just highlights of some of the major projects your District 5 Supervisor is responsible for instituting. I am not done working for you. My staff and I made a point to serve the people in any way we could and we will continue that promise the duration of our tenure. If you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to call us.

Getting Answers, Getting It Done!


Bobby “Bobcat” McGowan
Hinds County District 5 Supervisor

Photo Gallery

District 5 Community Awareness Day 2018

Community Awareness Day 2018

May 26th

District 5 Literacy Program

Literacy Program - Backpack Giveaway 2018

August 3 - 4

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The orange area on the map indicates boundaries for District 5.

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