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In case of an EMERGENCY dial 911 or your local law enforcement immediately.

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Jackson Detention Center
Hinds County Detention Services


Sheriff's Office (601) 974-2900 Fax: (601) 968-6705
Undersheriff (601) 974-2900  
Human Resources (601) 974-2943 Fax: (601) 968-5428
Recruiting (601) 974-2967  
Training Division (601) 857-4872 Fax: (601) 857-4940
Fiscal (601) 974-2910  
Records (601) 974-2930 Fax: (601) 969-0378
Legal Department (601) 974-2900 Fax: (601) 968-6705







Enforcement Division

Criminal Investigations (601) 974-2914 Fax: (601) 968-6715
Internal Affairs (601) 974-2909  
Sex Offender Registry (601) 974-2919  
Patrol Division (601) 857-8781 Fax: (601) 857-5417
Fugitive Unit (601) 857-4803 Fax: (601) 857-4951
Narcotics Unit (601) 346-0588  
Evidence and Property (601) 974-2907  
Victim Assistance (601) 974-2933  
Victim Advocate  (601) 974-2932  
Civil Process (601) 974-2925  
Communications (601) 352-1521  









Jackson Detention Center (601) 974-2945  
Raymond Detention Center (601) 857-4800  
Joint County and State Work Facility (601) 857-8058 Fax: (601) 857-8371






The Sheriff's office works to prevent crime and build community safety through education, investigation and enforcement. The sheriff's duties generally fall into two broad categories:

Law enforcement duties:

  • These duties are specifically to keep the peace within the county, by causing all offenders to enter into bonds, with sureties, for keeping the peace and for appearing at the next circuit court, and by committing such offenders in case of refusal.

Administrative duties:

  • Serve as the county's jailor-The sheriff is required to keep separate rooms for the sexes, not permitting communication between male and female prisoners, unless they are married; provide fire and lights when necessary and proper; sufficient and clean bedding; and daily wholesome and adequate food and drink.
  • Have charge of the courthouse and jail of his county, of the premises belonging thereto, and of the prisoners in said jail. This includes the protection of the court and prisoners from violence, injuries or attacks, and from trespasses and intruders.
  • Submit a budget of his office's estimated expenses for the next fiscal year including payment of premiums on the bonds and insurance necessary to protect the interest of the county. (i.e. bonds for liability insurance, insurance against false arrest charges, insurance against false imprisonment charges, theft, fire, and other hazards insurance, and hospitalization insurance).
  • Keep books of every kind maps, charts, and other things that may be donated to the county.
  • Keep the Mississippi Department Reports, census reports, statutes of the state, the Mississippi Reports, digests, and legislative journals assigned to his county in the courtroom of the courthouse.
  • Keep a jail docket noting the details of each warrant of any person placed in the county detention facility.


The mission of the Hinds County Sheriff's office is to provide the community with the highest quality of law enforcement services. We strive to improve the public's perception of community safety by reducing the incidents and fear of crime, while working with the diverse communities throughout Hinds County, to improve their quality of life. The Sheriff's Office will accomplish this task by working within the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving model and developing partnerships with the community. Providing this service to the public will be conducted in an efficient and effective manner.


Personnel will protect the community and support the tax base by proactively preventing crime and safety detaining those arrested. Personnel will conduct themselves with honor, integrity and the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence. Quality of life improved through innovation, education, and community partnerships.



  • Establish and support professional and community relationships
  • Excel by providing, quality service with every community contact
  • Think outside conventional boundaries, introduce new ideas, and strive to find innovative solutions to reduce crime and increase efficiency
  • Develop partnerships between the citizens and business community to make Hinds County safe for all to work and live
  • Treat people with respect and dignity, regardless of age, race, gender, appearance, individual beliefs of life style
  • Being dedicated to quality and excellence in our service to the community