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Under the Mississippi Public Records Act § 25-61-1 et seq.  - public records must be available for inspection by any person unless otherwise provided by this act [Laws, 1996, chapter. 453}. Furthermore, providing access to public records is a duty of each public body and automation of public records must not erode the right of access to those records. "Public records" shall mean all books, records, papers, accounts, letters, maps, photographs, films, cards, tapes, recordings or reproductions thereat and  any  other  documentary  materials,  regardless  of  physical  form  or  characteristics,  having  been  used,  being  in  use,  or prepared, possessed or retained for use in the conduct, transaction or performance of any business, transaction, work, duty or function of any public body, or required to be maintained by any public body.

To request access to public records, please complete this form:


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Signature may be required, when and if request is fulfilled.
A fee per page will be assessed for duplicating information. Hinds County may invoice additional charges as allowed by the law, such as research time, copying time, etc. Submit Request to: Board Attorney Hinds County Board of Supervisors P.O. Box 686 Jackson, MS 39205 (Note: Allow seven (7) working days for a response.)
(NOTE: Allow seven (7) working days for a response.)