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Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Budget and Finance division is to allocate available funds to all County departments and agencies. Allocation of these funds will allow departments to carry out statutory funding requirements and other goals and objectives. The Director of this department with the County Administrator will project revenues and expenditures for each fiscal year. These projections serve as a basis for departmental budgets. These budgets are monitored and amended when necessary. Additionally, the County's Payroll Division operates through the Budget & Finance Administration. The primary mission of the Payroll Division is to properly process the County's Payroll and handle the complete payroll processing function including reports and taxes.

County Budget

Combined Budget for FY 2021

Combined Budget for FY 2020

Combined Budget for FY 2019

Combined Budget for FY 2018

Combined Budget for FY 2017

Combined Budget for FY 2016

Combined Budget for FY 2015

Combined Budget for FY 2014

Combined Budget for FY 2013

Combined Budget for FY 2012


Budget Book FY 2020

Budget Book FY 2019

Budget Book FY 2018

Budget Book FY 2017

Budget Book FY 2016

Budget Book FY 2015

Budget Book FY 2014

Budget Book FY 2013

Budget Book FY 2012

Budget Book FY 2011

Budget Book FY 2010

Budget Book FY 2009

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Budget & Finance

Brandall Smith, Budget Analyst

Payroll Division

Dyshandra Haralson, Payroll Officer
Brenda Townsend, Payroll Clerk

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